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Litoral de los Poetas

Tastes And Wines

The Valleys of San Antonio and Leyda produce wines increasingly quoted in Chile and the world. Therefore, when visiting the Coastline of Poets, you can´t miss tasting some of its exquisite and innovative stumps.

Currently San Antonio and Leyda Valleys have proven to be a new promise within the Chilean wine industry, despite the suspicion of some who feared for their icy breezes and clay soils, This, after converting the risk of cold weather into a strength that produce small bunches of grapes ripening in a time period longer than normal and which ultimately results in a more concentrated flavor and aromas of fruit, then transformed into exquisite grapevines.

Discover the Coastline in a sip

In the province highlights four vineyards: Garcés Silva and Leyda, located in the Leyda Valley, also Casa Marin and vineyard Matetic, in the area of Lo Abarca. All of them have been recognized nationally and internationally for some of their products, and although the variety is wide, the characteristic of the Valleys causes the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapevine to be the most precious.

These vineyards are equipped with large infrastructure and modern technology, and they are responsible for the importance of wine tourism and its associated activities in the province of San Antonio.

For those who enjoy the flavors and cuisine

Wine complements the flavors of this diverse cuisine found throughout the territory. Traditional food, farm products, gourmet innovation and of course seafood are the offer not to be missed in the many restaurants sited north to south from Santo Domingo to Algarrobo.

The services and activities shape numerous alternatives that allow visitors to discover the exquisite flavors of the wine along with live food and wine tourism experiences.

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El Litoral Central de Chile comprende una amplia zona de Chile, pero es la provincia de San Antonio, entre Algarrobo y Santo Domingo, la que más se identifica popularmente como Litoral Central, también llamada Litoral de los Poetas.

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Barco pesquero varado desde el terremoto de 1985.

Barco varado, San Antonio

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