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Litoral de los Poetas

Natural Inspiration

Nature is a very important factor for the development of special interest tourism. The Coastline of Poets has many attractions associated with natural environments: rural areas, wetlands, nature reserves, villages and typical towns that lead to different possibilities for the development of tourism.

Natural Attractions

The Yali National Reserve is a wetland of international importance and highlights for the biodiversity that coexists within, it is certainly a must-see attraction for nature lovers and bird watchers.

TIPS: The Yali National Reserve is located 35 kilometers south of the town of Santo Domingo, in San Antonio province, Valparaíso Region. It is accessed by Route 68, taking the road to San Antonio at the intersection with Casablanca. Then taking Route-66 to the town El Convento and following the coastal road leading to the reserve.

Further south, in the town of El Tabo, is another natural attraction, Laguna el Peral, “Nature Sanctuary ", which is known for being home to the iconic black-necked swans.

If we continue our route, Algarrobo offers other wonders you can’t miss. The Peñon Sanctuary of Peñablanca and the Islet Pájaro Niño, the first one known for its natural beauty and diverse species of nesting birds and the second one for being the habitat of protected Humboldt penguin.

Rural Traditions

Renowned for the warmth of its people and exquisite clay oven empanadas, the typical artisan village of Lo Gallardo is among the foothills of the Viewpoint Hill Cristo del Maipo and the same name river mouth.

We cannot fail to mention the delicious attractions that represent the typical products of the countryside and taste some of the traditional delicacies such as homemade bread, clay oven empanadas and tortilla de rescoldo.

The typical village of El Totoral delights us with its traditions and customs conservation of old, with its renowned Chilean Mass leading to a country setting, which highlights their typical food restaurants and local products fair offering a wide variety of products and handmade liquors. Among its best known specialties; Chilean sweets, sausages like; arrollado de huaso, perniles (hams), also cheeses, mistela (liquor), and others.

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