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Culture And Heritage

There is something in the route between Santo Domingo and Algarrobo that artists love to; Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, Adolfo Couve y Vicente Huidobro have captured in several of their works the magic environment that shows as one more protagonist in their stories.

The Touristic Route “Coastline of Poets”, offers visitors a wide range of tourism options, flavors, wines, inspiring nature, services, and identity, but beyond, it follows the footsteps of four great national artists that were inspired not only by the landscapes and marine environment, but also chose this land to live their lives and inherit their legacy.

Neruda´s Legacy

The Museum of Pablo Neruda´s house in Isla Negra, built with the imagination of a poet, holds more than 3,500 objects, a huge collection of bottles, butterflies, snails, boat figureheads, maps and miniature sailboats inside bottles. Also the most intimate part of his wardrobe. In the courtyard is the tomb of Neruda, pointing to the sea in ship shape.

It is visited by thousands of tourists a year, this place located 4 kilometers south of Quisco reflects the passion that the poet felt for the coast of San Antonio, to which he dedicated the book "The House on the Sand", in direct reference to the property that the Nobel Prize bought in 1939 to an old Spanish navigator.

Today is complemented with the craftsmanship of Isla Negra as an attraction that does transcend the identity of its people.

Nearby is the Mirador Cantalao, here are big sculptures in stone, where the poet had a balcony studio, from where there is a stunning panoramic sea view.

Villa Lucia, Museum of Decorative Arts

In Cartagena, the Museum of Decorative Arts Villa Lucia gives away a trip to the past. Residence of Adolfo Couve, the imposing mansion of the late 19th century, where it can be discovered the legacy of who was its last inhabitant, It can be seen various types of art pieces with rooms representing an exquisite period decor, the workshop where Couve displayed his art, a fountain, sculptures and a beautiful view from the garden.

Huidobro and Cartagena

At the beginning of 1900 Cartagena was chosen by the aristocracy to place their summer homes. The resort is noted for its large, European-style mansions. Cartagena´s architecture and beauty were the inspiration of the place, where today lies the poet Vicente Huidobro. His home and tomb is located on the slopes of the Llolleo ravine.

Vaticano Neighborhood

The Vatican quarter located in Las Cruces, it highlights for the architectural heritage of their buildings. Its name is due to the conservative catholic character of its first inhabitants. Stresses the mansion built by the architect Jose Smith, the home of the painter Arturo Pacheco Altamirano, with a barge of stones with the name of "Angelmo". The Black Castle, English-style built by the architect Hector Hernandez and, at the top, the parish church projected by Fray Pedro Subercaseux in 1945. Currently, distinguished between its inhabitants, the most popular is Nicanor Parra, the famed antipoet.

Inspiration for artists

It is the Coastal area that intermingles with the land´s identity and its people. With a range of possibilities that invites us to explore, experiment and discover every corner of inspiration. Along the waterfront and throughout its towns and resorts, you can take excursions and various circuits that help visitors understand the cultural richness and heritage that boasts.

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