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Adventure And Sports

The Coastline of Poets invites us to cross it in all its forms the diversity of landscapes  intermingle between the sea and the countryside, inviting sport and adventure lovers to experience outdoor trails and routes at sea, the countryside and the city.

The sea, the territory proper element, has a wide range of possibilities that can be experienced throughout the year. Walks and tours by boat around the bay, trails and kayaking, fishing circuits, surfing, water sports and sails. In the city, in the countryside and on the beach can be arranged routes for cyclists, showing us places and landscapes in a more close perspective and direct contact with the environment.

Rural areas present in large areas from north to south, inviting mountain biking excursions, trekking, walking, hiking and Chilean horse riding .

Outdoor activities become more relevant to visitors and the offer of them grows considerably. The Coastline of Poets can be traveled in different ways and there are professionals, guides, monitors and locals who will guide the tour.

Boating on the waterfront and the estuary of Maipo River

In this environment of natural beauty with swamps, scrublands, coastal dunes with vegetation, sites for bird and fauna watching where there coexist up to 135 species of birds and a maximum of 17,000 specimens during the summer, you can enjoy incredible boating conducted by fishermen who know every corner of the estuary and share it with visitors.

Undoubtedly this is an experience that invites to meet fishermen who live this area and connect with the biodiversity of the environment.


The coastline delivers an adventure and special interest tourism offer that can be experienced between the mouth of Maipo River by the south to the shores of Algarrobo by the North. There are Sea kayaking trips for people with or without previous experience, trekking and bird watching pursuing highlight natural and cultural attractions of the area.

You can experiment kayaking trips through the Rapel lower river, located 45 kms. South from Santo Domingo, where you have the opportunity to paddle among flocks of black-necked swans, herons and seabirds. You can also paddle through the coast of Algarrobo, 30 kms North from San Antonio.

There are small businesses with all the necessary equipment to enjoy a comfortable and safe experience discovering another facet of the Coastline of Poets.

Sport Fishing

Fishing is an activity that goes back to our ancestors and has been a core value in the territory. Today, however, comes as a sport and recreational activity, which can be developed through routes and circuits provided by experts. In them, is shown incredible beauty and richness of our sea and part of the identity of the Coastline of Poets.

This activity is one of the many offers as part of the growing development in activities that relate to the nature and special interest tourism.

Water sports and sails

In Algarrobo, nautical resort is the Brotherhood Boating and Yacht Club, in this place who enjoy the sea and water sports find an environment that presents numerous possibilities for this type of activity, besides enjoying the scenery and the natural resources that are deployed in the area.

Another must-see for lovers of the outdoors is Peña Blanca, where you can find an interesting spot for surfers, here the conditions for practicing surf maneuvers and perform other outdoor sports activities in an environment of great beautiful scenery and biodiversity.

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El Litoral Central de Chile comprende una amplia zona de Chile, pero es la provincia de San Antonio, entre Algarrobo y Santo Domingo, la que más se identifica popularmente como Litoral Central, también llamada Litoral de los Poetas.

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