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Tips for Tourists

Tips for Tourists
  • 1. Plan your trip, learning about the place you visit.
  • 2. Be friendly and respectful to the local community.
  • 3. Obey all types of rules established by the host destination.
  • 4. Show interest in learning the artistic, historical and tourist value of the destination you visit.
  • 5. Take care of the natural and cultural heritage of the destination to visit.
  • 6. Avoid cultural discrimination, and inquire about the vision the local people have, without question.
  • 7. During your visit to any natural environment, have the best care for environment conservation.
  • 8. Keep in mind that tourism is a way of interchange of experiences.
  • 9. Take care of your physical integrity; prevent dangerous situations so your trip does not turn into a bad experience.
  • 10. Maintain a behavior consistent with the rest of other tourists.


Pronóstico del tiempo en el litoral central de Chile

El estado del tiempo está disponible para cada una de las zonas del Litoral Central de Chile. Ocupa el menú para ver un pronóstico detallado.

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