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Litoral de los Poetas

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The city-port of San Antonio is located 108 kilometers from Santiago, in the heart of the V Region of Valparaiso; one of its main features is the vast coastal area that has become a suitable place for outdoors tourism activities, like: water sports, fishing, diving, kayaking and more.

The city is situated on rolling hills and coastal dunes immediately to the north of the mouth of the Maipo River and it is crossed by brooks Arévalo (in the north) and San Pedro (in the area of Llo Lleo).


Among the main attractions and sights that San Antonio has include:

Bellamar Promenade: located right in the waterfront, offers a broad view of the bay of San Antonio, part of the attractions are the boat tours offered at the Pacheco Altamirano fishing Cove , National Monument Grúa 82 and sea lions sunning in the rocks.

City Museum of Natural History and Archaeology of San Antonio: skeletons of large marine mammals, a garden with native species, aquariums and a rescue & rehabilitation center of wildlife.

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