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Winter Break Program at the Cultural Center of San Antonio

Cinema, exhibition of paintings, theater plays and workshops are the activities taking place in the enclosure of Antofagasta Street.

An extensive invitation made Veronica Palominos; ​​the director of the Cultural Center of San Antonio (Ccsa), to all residents of the Province of San Antonio to participate in the different activities scheduled on Antofagasta Street 545. All this, framed in the Winter Break program at the Ccsa, which will run from July 6th to the 21st.

“This month is dedicated mainly to children and we want them to feel that the Cultural Center is a place where they can come and do fun things and also we want parents feel it is a safe and enjoyable place,” said Palomino who added that “there will be films and theater for children, so they could begin to learn and appreciate this art. Besides, workshops where they can participate to develop their skills, “she said.

“All activities are free and in some cases people must pick up tickets at our center,” she said.

But not only children will enjoy the benefits of the Ccsa also adults will spend unforgettable moments with the cycles of cinema and documentaries.

“On Thursday, July 11th will present, for example, the film, at 16 hours,” said Palomino. It was this 2010 national film, directed and written by Sebastian Silva and Pedro Peirano, which in 2013 received the Altazor for best screenplay and best actress, for Belgica Castro.

The director also advanced some activities taking place next month. “By August 22nd we will have the Philharmonic of the “Teatro Municipal de Santiago” with over 60 musicians and the Orchestra Marga Marga”.

Finally, reminded all neighbors to visit the exhibition’s website Ccsa,,   where you will find all the information you need.

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