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Rain of flavors this winter on the Coastline of Poets

Flavors of Chilean coast in winter preparations, will be part of the culinary entrepreneurs products offered to tourists who come to enjoy the scenery and attractions of the Province of San Antonio

This winter the Province of San Antonio was prepared with the best gourmet dishes for tourists visiting the Coastline of Poets, the purpose of this “rain of flavors” is to delight customers with hot dishes rescuing traditional cuisine from the area and the coast.

Each of such preparations will have a special discount for those who wish to delight their palates at various restaurants, which have joined this initiative, in the Province.

For further information and details of this offer, you must go to

Pronóstico del tiempo en el litoral central de Chile

El estado del tiempo está disponible para cada una de las zonas del Litoral Central de Chile. Ocupa el menú para ver un pronóstico detallado.

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