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Open Surf Championship 2013 in Cartagena

Waves lovers, extreme sports, adventure and the ocean will meet during the months of July and August on the coast and beaches of Cartagena commune, Province of San Antonio, and Coastline of Poets, to participate in the Second Open Surf Championship.

The event is organized by the Surfing Sport Club and San Sebastian Surf School taking place this championship from July 13th to Sunday August 3rd, competition to be held in San Sebastian beach in front of the wetland.

Some of the activities offered to those attending this tournament are: yoga, beach cleaning, motivational talks, and sport clinics, among others related to art, music and culture.

Event organizers have the support of the First City Hall of Cartagena and Cartagena Young Ecological Group.

Those who want to participate and find out more about the championship must be attentive to the various publications that the organizers of the event will post in media and social networks.


OPEN:   $10.000
LONGBOARD:    $7.000
WOMEN:  $7.000


Any questions or doubts contact the cell

83245122 JONATHAN  /  71328046 JUAN PABLO


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