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El Tabo Commune will have great celebrations for its 102 Anniversary

On July 17th begin the celebrations of the anniversary number 102 of the commune of El Tabo and as usual several activities will be held for 10 days, culminating with the presentation of successful national duo “Los Vazquez”

To start with activities there will be a Thanksgiving Mass on Wednesday July 17th at 11:00 am at the Parish La Asunción de Las Cruces, and then will continue on 19th, 22nd and 24th with the different stages of the Voice Festival to be held at Las Cruces School Gymnasium at 20:00 pm.

In sports, competitions will be performed in parallel on July 20th from 8:30 Am., a fishing tournament at the Playa Grande Las Cruces (registrations in Secpla city department) and a body board competition in the same locality (registration in juventud y deportes office). While, at the Stadium of El Tabo will be celebrated The Citizen Security Day with the visit of The Police Choir and Dog Training School.

On Thursday 25th, from noon at the front of El Tabo House of Culture , will be held the Book Fair, in which residents can participate exchanging texts and will be performed the launch of the commune´s book written by Patricio Manns.

On the same day, but arranged from 18:00 pm, will be celebrated at Las Cruces School Gymnasium, a Seniors Evening; with tangos and tropical music and the presentation of La Sonora Band San Antonio and a tipica of 2 × 4.

As every year the youth will have their space within the anniversary with a party hosted by the municipality to be held in Aquelarre nightclub on Friday July 26th at 21:00 pm the entry will consist of donating a non-perishable food, what collected will be given to the social city department for distribution to needy families.

On Saturday 27th at 19:00 hours, closure of the celebrations is programmed; this will be performed with the presentation of a romantic pop duo ”Los Vasquez”, a group that sounds today with great success on radios, and the comedian Esteban Show.

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