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Litoral de los Poetas

las cruces

The Cruces is a locality of the Coastline of Poets belonging to the town of El Tabo, is located 15 km from San Antonio. Its main attractions are related to nature and the sea, making it an area of ​​great importance to scientific research. In this beach resort lived the painter Arturo Pacheco Altamirano and the antipoet Nicanor Parra.


The Peral Lagoon: Located south of Las Cruces, declared a nature sanctuary in 1975. Here you can find a wide variety of water bird species, black-necked swans, great heron, taguas, among others.

Nicanor Parra Cultural Center of Las Cruces: Created in 2000, is a place where various samples of culture are delivered during the year, it is used by artists, painters, writers, landscape designers and sculptors to exhibit their art.

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