The official travel guide to Litoral de los Poetas. Chile

Litoral de los Poetas

el totoral and lo abarca

The Totoral is an old colonial village belonging to El Quisco commune. It is placed between eucalyptus forests, gullies and hills of native vegetation. It has a church dating from 1815, a colonial museum and a cemetery. It is characterized by celebrating a Chilean Mass every Sunday during the summer. And by offering various outdoor activities such as horse riding, visiting farms of flowers and vegetables, its leather crafts and macramé, you can enjoy mistela, handmade liquors, Chilean sweets and jams.

Lo Abarca is the rural area belonging to Cartagena, in the province of San Antonio Coastline of poets is characterized by recovering the Chilean countryside traditions. It has a museum housing collection pieces as religious images and remnants of indigenous people living in the area.

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