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Litoral de los Poetas

el quisco

The Quisco a cultural space which forged and boosted three world renowned national poets: Pablo Neruda, Vicente Huidobro and Nicanor Parra. It is a city with great attractions for all seasons, and a cuisine that takes the best of the area with unique flavors and ingredients.

It is divided into four interesting towns: The Quisco, Isla Negra, Punta de Tralca and The Totoral.


Ravine Las Petras: It is an ecological reserve for the endangered Petras. Among the native species are observed Molles, Boldos, Maquis and Litres. There is also the Quebrada de Cordova, one of the last vestiges of lush vegetation.

Punta de Tralca: Area with great tourist attraction for the tranquility of nature and the Bay given to visitors. The rock formation of the end of the bay has upright stones which serve as training for free climbing.

Novedades del Litoral

  • IMG_2854 Monday 1 de July de 2013

    Rain of flavors this winter on the Coastline of Poets

    Flavors of Chilean coast in winter preparations, will be part of the culinary entrepreneurs products offered to tourists who come to enjoy the scenery and attractions of the Province of San Antonio… [+]

  • patrimonio Thursday 23 de May de 2013

    Cultural Heritage Day in the Coastline of Poets

    Chile Cultural Heritage Day is a citizen instance of celebration and reflection on the different dimensions of our cultural heritage. Since its inception in 1999, has emerged as major national cultural activities.… [+]

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