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Litoral de los Poetas


It is a commune of the Coastline of Poets known as the birthplace of writers, to poets and artists who have left their mark and are now part of its attraction, and its history. In addition to the renowned cultural attraction that Cartagena has, it offers visitors entertaining activities, in natural areas of the commune, and at the same time is characterized by a cuisine which its specialty is sea food.


Islet of Sea Lions: Located right next to the San Pedro fishing cove, it is a place of free access for tourists, who can see these sea lions sunbathing.

Tomb of the Poet Vicente Huidobro: National Monument since 1992. It is situated at the foothills of Llo Lleo ravine.

Cueva Del Pirata (Pirates ´s Cave): Corresponds to a naturally undercut cave, filled with legends of pirates and privateers, of great attractiveness for locals and tourists, especially for children. Guided tours are available.

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Pronóstico del tiempo en el litoral central de Chile

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