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Litoral de los Poetas


Known as "The Nautical Capital of Chile" because here is practiced all kinds of water sports, such as sailing, surfing and more. Its name comes from the abundance of Algarrobo tree and has many beaches and outstanding architecture.

It is located 114 kilometers from Santiago and 74 from Valparaiso , it is a coastal area within which converge history, countryside and sea, so that makes this attractive place to be ideal to combine culture and entertainment. It also has a wide and rich cuisine.


Some of its main touristic attractions are:

Peñon Islet; Pájaro Niño: Nature Sanctuary since 1978 is known for the Magellan Humboldt Penguin, and sea otters.

Los Tubos and Fósil Beach: The main attraction is the unique soil formation, dating from the Cretaceous period, more than 65 million years. In addition, Los Tubos is the closest beach to the nautical association and is characterized by on sight sewer pipes.

The Yeco: It owes its name to the existence, in the rocks of the place, of a sea raven commonly known as Yeco Duck, also called Neotropical Cormorant. It has two beaches of warm yellow sands, to which can be accessed going down stairs, and at the same time leads to a viewpoint where you can see the entire coast.

Beaches: Algarrobo is also characterized by having large and varied beaches and unique attractions, among the best known are: Tunquén, Canelo Canelillo, Las Cadenas, Algarrobo Norte and Internacional.

Parishes: Noted for its ancient buildings. The Church of Santa Teresita made of solid material with colonial tile roof and a bell tower of 22 meters high.

Historic Quarter: the city area where the Church of La Candelaria, the Culture House and some of the oldest buildings of Algarrobo.

Novedades del Litoral

  • IMG_2854 Monday 1 de July de 2013

    Rain of flavors this winter on the Coastline of Poets

    Flavors of Chilean coast in winter preparations, will be part of the culinary entrepreneurs products offered to tourists who come to enjoy the scenery and attractions of the Province of San Antonio… [+]

  • la-foto-6 Wednesday 19 de June de 2013

    Winery Boutique Hotel the new offer of accommodation in Algarrobo

    Winery Boutique Hotel offers guests a memorable experience combining a strong sense of aesthetics with a good quality of service. Details perfectly kept and designed to make you fully enjoy your stay.… [+]

  • patrimonio Thursday 23 de May de 2013

    Cultural Heritage Day in the Coastline of Poets

    Chile Cultural Heritage Day is a citizen instance of celebration and reflection on the different dimensions of our cultural heritage. Since its inception in 1999, has emerged as major national cultural activities.… [+]

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El Litoral Central de Chile comprende una amplia zona de Chile, pero es la provincia de San Antonio, entre Algarrobo y Santo Domingo, la que más se identifica popularmente como Litoral Central, también llamada Litoral de los Poetas.

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Barco pesquero varado desde el terremoto de 1985.

Barco varado, San Antonio

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